6 summers

by Ace Hood

Six summers, six summers
Got enough work to ball six summers
Six bitches, six Hummers
Real niggas, all gunners
Six summers, six summers
Couple mill I´m just trying to live mama
Six summers, six summers
Got enough work to ball six summers

[Verse 1:]
Young nigga, most wanted
Want him dead, twelve hundred
My youngin´s rage a crib just for some lawyer fees
Know nothing bout no lobster, raised on pork and beans
Counting all this money with that chopper close
Every seen a million on your kitchen floor?
Feds taking pictures, think I´m moving dope
Never thought I´d see this shit for twenty four
Ten bitches, all fucking
Mercedes Benz, them six hundreds
Sixes on the Jeep, I name it ´Bron James
Hundred million dollars, that´s my mind frame


[Verse 2:]
I´ve been broke before, I remember that like yesterday
All this money that I´m counting got my mama straight
Always had that penny grind, I´m talking hard away
Then I lost my nigga [?] it took my heart away
That´s why I ball on you niggas, that´s why I stunt on you bitches
That´s why I´m riding that foreign, so you pussies never forget me
And I´m still toting that nina, just pray to God be with me
My car dashing one-eighty, my bitch looking like Kimmy
My shirt label Versace, and king of diamonds tsunami
My sneakers [?], that red under my sneaks
No shoes off in them boxes, no books all in them bags
Don´t count money we weigh that, then send it off to that stash, ah



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