Be great

by Ace Hood

[Verse 1:]
Uh guess again they hesitant
Just to let him in
Walk a mile in my shoes
I swear they never did
Nor they never will
Finally I´m center fielder
See a mill cry tears, for my old fields
Looking back I promise mama that I never will
Gave me chills this humble nigga remaining still
Underrated be the best my ultamatum is in my flow
Cultivate´m, moving like a terminater ugh
So inspired the swagga they so admire
Sitting court side with the Boss with the empires
Used to be a dream I´m a smoking the entire
R.I.P. My homies
Differnent kind of strokes
For The boy Gary Colemen
Meeting different women
And I swear I gottem open
No love for them because my ice box frozen
Been to the bottom now it´s spring like Poland
Wattup ´tho
Renegades we rewritin history
I´m inspired by the beat
Cups for victory

Hey hey hey hey
And I been through that pain
In my life earning my stripes
But still I´m going fight this war
Cause they say that I won´t
Show them I will
You with me let me hear you say
That we never gone stop aim for the top head to that sky
I just wantto be great
Be great be great be great
I just wanna be great
Be great be great be great
I just wanna be

[Verse 2:]
Hella passinate adamint yes accurate
Science to the game I study like that anatomy
Used to can´t battle me now I triple your salary
Back full of batteries that´s definition of strategy
Day I let them win homie that´ll be death of me
Something you will never see
Dope like methamphetamine
Riding in some shit that probably dropping 2017
Martin Luther ain´t the only one who had a dream
I just wanna be great MJ style
Doubted by the critics hiphop´s stepchild
Little boy or girl why your head down
You can be great you just got to say it proud
On a mission my ambition got me living different
Big crib but a made man living in it
Words to my niggas they the living witness
Believe that I´m great glad you here to witness



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