Don't get me started (feat. dj khaled)

by Ace Hood

You don´t want to get me started ho
You don´t want to get me started ho
Ace Hood
We the best, YMCMB

[Hook: Ace Hood]
My nigga fuck what you say, my niggas all for the cake
Was on the block every night, was on the block every day
I do this shit for my fam, you do this shit for the fame
I kept it real from the joint and that´s just how I remain
Don´t get me started, don´t get me started
My nigga, my nigga don´t get me started, don´t get me started
My niggas go real as they go so hard, so dumb retarded
Cause a nigga wanna think it´s sweet then try me
Don´t get me started, don´t get me started

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Ok now clique full of niggas with tempers
Clique full of niggas and killas
When they cut me I don´t pay them
With the two them nigga eyes remember
I´m the same lil nigga from the block ho
And I drive still walk with the Glock on
I´m about that cream, guaplage on
Don´t get me started up ho
I come to whip in the Phantom
Y´all niggas really can´t stand it
Them hoes really be jocking
Diamonds that got them watching
Say Ace ain´t getting´ no money
Pussy, I beg your pardon
You don´t wanna get me started
You don´t wanna see how I´m ballin´
Ok ok, what it look like?
Well that good thing got and it´s good night
With a bad bitch, she´s so thick
She rolling, I know this
And her neck gon´ froze, better know that
Act up, I smell like a Kodak
And these niggas these niggas
These niggas these niggas
These niggas these niggas won´t hold back


[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Ok them pussy niggas be hating
Focus on what I´m making
Came through in tha Phantom
Them pussy niggas can´t take it
Spit big bread on my chain
Still on stroke with your main
I´m rich nigga like yea nigga
They hoping I stay the same
They say I changed when I got fame
Bitch niggas, they complain
Flat black in that 2 door
Nigga must think he Bruce Wayne
I´m like damn hood what it be like?
Hold ´em down as your knee lights
New bitch like every day
Swear to God you won´t see her twice
That purple that got me leaning
They don´t wanna get me started
Come on this hook, no phonics
Introduce this shit and go retarded
Chopper in the trunk in case your mood swing
Extended clips that´s standing tall; two chain



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