Double cup (feat. bun b, kirko bangz)

by Ace Hood

Double cup and I´m leanin´ [x3]
Fuck these niggas I mean it

[Hook: x2]
Double cup and I´m leanin´ (I said it)
Double cup and I´m leanin´ (I said it)
Double cup and I´m leanin´ (I said it)
Fuck these niggas I mean it

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Okay now, Purple stuff in my styrofoam
Sippin´ slow while they blowin strong
All I need is my dirty sprite
All I need is her super-dome
Drank´d up and I´m dripped out
Caked up and my pistol out
Bad bitch and she thick as fuck
And I´m tryna see if what pussy bite
Bust it open for a real nigga
Bust it open for a trill nigga
Touchdown, whattup? H-Town
Long live the Pimp, this one´s for you!
Bun B, my nigga Trae The Truth
Still in the coupe and I´m double dueced
Still in the hood on that purple, fool
Better know what I´m drinkin´ ain´t grape juice!
I be flowin´ through the city, let my chain swing!
How you live, a young nigga tryna maintain
Get money, fuck lames, all my little niggas on the same page
Spend racks when I´m up in [?]
Gimme head she gon´ catch this semen
Hatin on me? Nigga, so what? Ya know what?
Hold up...


[Verse 2: Bun B]
Gangsta nigga, I´m bout it
I´m Trill as fuck so don´t doubt it
Tell me what´s the haps, cause you know I´m strapped
A nigga never leave home without it
I´m posted up in that Caddy
I´m twistin´ up a big fatty
And it´s full of dro, and I´m a mack your ho
And you know she callin´ me daddy
I´m a trill OG and I earned it
That G code, nigga I learned it
So when I saw the dough they had for me bro
I just grabbed the knob and I turned it
I wanted bread so I chased it
And I got so close I could taste it
I played the deck and got my respect
So nigga I´m the king, now just face it
I´m in the house and I´m chillin´
My mind on cash and I´m willing
I´m on the paper chase, no time to waste
So I could give a fuck how you feelin´
I´m sideways on that buck
My seats is stitched and they tough
You ain´t down with that?
Then I´m hide your head in your ass
And be outta luck, wassup?


[Verse 3: Kirko Bangz]
Well it´s that young nigga from the Southside
Of that USA I need [?]
Lotion cause a nigga used to bump
A nigga came from nothing to saying nevermind
To the pretty girls in the magazine
Your girlfriend look like Maxim
A phone book full of Billy Jeans
[?] Came out that limosine
I been a fan for that Codeine
Since Martin Luther was like 13
Fuckin´ queens cause I´m a king
Put 5% on everything
I done threw 10 on top of 10
Bump a kit, I bump a kit
Threw my last bitch on my new bitch
And threw ten on my fuckin´ dick
I done came down, hold it down for that H-Town
I´m a take the crown
Sippin Hen, don´t fuck with Crown
But I´m a just drop this 4th of 9
And free my cousin that doin´ time
I´m a pay the lawyer
But I hope he dyin´
Hold it down for a real nigga
Young Kirko, young trill nigga



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