Forgiv'n (feat. kevin cossom)

by Ace Hood

[Intro: Ace Hood]
Waited my whole life for this moment
Head to the sky

[Hook: Kevin Cossom]
Thank you for patience
For forgiveness
For your angels watching over me
I shoudn´t be livin´
Lord I´m sorry for my sins
But these streets ain´t forgivin´
No these streets ain´t forgivin´
Na these streets ain´t forgivin´

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I would never fear a man who could breathe my air
Only God himself
I got my mind on wealth
Quit a job, thank God momma betta´ in health
Fuck the world man I felt like I could manage myself
Hard times came around lord I needed your help
Lost my dog can´t describe the pain I felt
Couldn´t make it to the funeral I hold that guilt
I done been through shit
Nealy lost my life, nearly lost my mom
I toss and turn at night
Now my times are betta´
No eviction letta´
Why did God bless me, I´m tryin´ put it together
Ain´t nobody here perect
Please wash my sins
Doin´ women because they love the way I ride that benz
Plus my penthouse fly
I invite them in
Young man 23 dear God I repent

[Hook: Kevin Cossom]

[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Okay now 1 for the money
Way to much in dough
3 for the niggas who doubted me on the low
Said that I wouldn´t make make it your predetermineds a joke
I inherited a glow
Many livin´ with out it
Ask me I how did I do it
Tell them I never doubt it
Quittin´ never considered
Many blessings delivered
Friends became haters, the money turning em´ bitter
Betrayel in my soul, I´m cold like late december
Daddy look at your son
Millionaire in the makin´
I pray one day that you call
Cause you proud and happy I made it
Never probably maybe
Leaving was kinda shady
Hope this eats you alive
My tears no longer cried

[Hook: Kevin Cossom]

Some people try and they try and try
Just to get by
But me? I´m a´ do what I got to do but I´m a get mine

[Verse 3: Ace Hood]
Loyalties to my team
And that´s all I scream
Real niggas do real things
I say that we just gettin´ richer is the song I sing
Real niggas do real things
I say the money the motive
Opportunity closer
Ridibg in that new phantom
In my city I´m hova
I put in my time
And that´s word to maroni
24´s on the mero
I did it just like kobe

[Hook: Kevin Cossom]

Some people try and they try and try
Just to get by
But me? I´m a´ do what I got to do to get mine


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