Free my niggas

by Ace Hood

Hey man
This a message to the judge
Mother fuckin´ DA
Mother fuckin´ fed´s


My homie hit me on the hip
And say he outta jail
Said he beat the charge
Crackers let him post a bail
I told him, "Ok, I´ll be there in 30 minutes"
Hit the interstate, the Chevy on them 26´s
Fuck the police, and the judge too
Here´s a message from my hood, and my whole crew
Free my niggas
Free my niggas
Free my niggas
Free my niggas
Free my niggas
Free my niggas
Free my nigga!

[Verse 1:]
Hundred miles n´ hour, speedin´ on the interstate
I´m just tryin´ to dodge the fed´s and penitentiary
I keep my pistol on me strictly for my enemies
A nigga playin´, bet that he put out his misery
Old school, drop top, thuggin´ I will not stop
See a bitch I want and make her strip just like a chop shop
Fuck you!
They snitchin´ on everybody
Free my niggas
Free my niggas
That shit go for everybody
Let my homie Boosie go
And my nigga Super Zoe
I´ve been on that money tip
Shows go for 20 more
Yeah my dawg jumpin´in
He already got his jewelry on
Rocks in every pocket
He already got his money long
That´s just what the real do
Pussy we don´t feel you
Jump up out the Phantom, Louie sandals when I peel through
Hatin´ I am sheild proof
Yeah nigga sheild proof
I almost forgot
[?] free my nigga Stan fool


[Verse 2:]
I think my phone ringin´
Number I don´t recognize
I look up at the phone they called a couple times
So I pick up that bitch like, "Who the fuck is this?"
My dawg said, "Yo!"
I´m like, "Oh shit!"
"What up nigga, what up nigga?"
He said, "I hit your phone just to fuck with ya"
I asked him how he up
He said, "I´m maintainin´"
Cell phone in jail, I´m like I can´t blame him
Judge try´na give my nigga 3 to 5
Lawyer try´na minimize them numbers down
He said some nigga snitchin´ when they went to trial
Them fed´s caught him slippin´, we was kind´a wild
I holler free my niggas every single concert
Salute to all my homies who was ´round first
I do this for ya´ll, I do this for ya´ll
And soon my niggas get here we gonna fuckin´ ball!



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