Geek'n (feat. juicy j, choo choo)

by Ace Hood

[Hook x2: Ace Hood]
I´m geek´n, I´m geek´n
I´m geek´n, I´m geek´n
I´m geek´n, I´m geek´n
I´m geek´n, I´m geek´n
The molly´s, I´m rolling
The syrup, I´m leaning
The molly´s, I´m rolling
The syrup, I´m leaning

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
OK now, Jolly Rancher´s and codeine
Purp´ smoke for that protein
Bad bitch and her whole team
All the hoes on straight beans
That pussy speaking, and I talk back
Fuck once and never call back
Puerto Rican and a little black, gonna knock it out with my ball bat
I say home run and I´m going long, bouncing round with my Styrofoam
Hit my nigga one Choo Choo, he in the back room getting hella dome
I´m fucked up and I´m leaned out, white bitches on cocaine
Ripped up with these twin freaks, won´t remember not one name
I´m geek´n, I´m geek´n
I´m tripping, no reason
I sweat, seen Jesus
For real though, I seen him
This shit that, I´m sipping
Impairing, my speaching
I´m tripping, I´m wylin´
You people, are demons


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Fall in the club then I´m roll up my dope
V.I.P. filled up with bitches and smoke
Twenty years in and I´m still popping tags
Still sipping more with that hutch in my zag
White girls on molly with titties like Dolly
Face like [?] and Jameson body
Thirty five groupies we filming a movie
Animal House, John Belushi
Bands a make her dance, beans will make her fuck
Money in my pocket, screw in my cup
The bong done ripped till a nigga seen milk drop ash on silt blunts tall like Wilt
Shorty make me feel like we fucking on the pill
Blue eyes, dark hair, straight from Brazil
So acrobatic man, the bitch got skill
T.H.C., smoking on the kill
Yeah I had to get her, take her to the suite and hit her
Skeeted on her tongue, that´s what a nigga call a baby sitter
Black and yellow diamonds on me, call it Pittsburgh Steelers
In the club with my niggas, and we throwing six figures


[Verse 3: Choo Choo]
Hey I´m geek´n, I´m on it
Had too much of that Henny´
The party don´t stop here though, I got some more woman in me
Need more bottles, my session
Got pill heads, they reckless
V.I.P. like a porno, all these bitches getting naked
I´m like damn, they´re bad, make a nigga wanna swing this wood
Can´t go hard like [?], can´t go on with a nigga out the hood
That pussy leaking, she hollering, feel better on this molly
Took it to the extreme, live from the kitchen like Yo Gotti
I´m two hours in it, switched up the drank, syrup leaning
[?] walked in on me I´m like whoa, bro you see this
Bro she squirting, I did that like I never did before
Hope she ready for more rounds, cause I just had poured some more, and I´m



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