Goin' down (feat. meek mill)

by Ace Hood

Real niggas came to party (Ace Hood)
Real nggas came to party

I say Lord have Mercy all I wanted was a beamer
Had no pot to piss in, n now I´m living thank you Jesus
Now my rolley flooded, n I´m not talkin bout Katrina
Know I roam the city, couple thousand for ma sneakers
Its Goin´ Down (Its Goin´ Down)
Its Goin´ Down (Its Goin´ Down)
Bring the kush, or Ciroc Its Goin Down
Its Goin´ Down (Its Goin´ Down)
Its Goin´ Down (Its Goin´ Down)
Bad bitches bring the whips Its Goin´ Down

[Ace Hood]
Okay, Happy birthday nigga everyday I´m gettin cake
Whats the day? Its Tuesday, bitch I might blow a hunnin´ K (YEAH)
Fuck that nigga they sleepin, must not have raised the stakes
Can´t play with a nigga, no way drop as white as mayonaise
Holy shit betta watch yo bitch, frito lay gotta stack dem chips
Keep that tool on me oh shit, and i keep 2 clips my nigga don´t trip
Boy you talk I get money, ridin´ round in that new 600
With them young niggas on the block who run it, Evil kinevil boy we stunt
Millionaire nigga I got diamonds on my dick
Boy my swagger dope, I´m talkin 20 kilo bricks
Just bought me an aston, n it came with a spanish bitch
Diamonds got me froze like a PS3 glitch


[Meek Mill]
Okay I´ll go into ma beast mode, rapper niggas I eat those
Tell a bitch take a deep breath, then bend them knees like a freethrow
I don´t want me no good girl, cause i fell in love with these freak hoes
In my bedroom I make a movie, n it starring me with that Lee Rose
I ball hard like D Rose, my sash of closet
Racks all in my pocket, these racks all in deposit
I got racks all on my conscious, money all on my mind
I got shooters on my team, n they got bodies on ignite
Look at that bad bitch right there (right there), see that body on that dime
I ain´t swimmin in no hoe, you know I´m prolly that my grind
All these niggas hatin´ on me (me), but I ain´t on that time
Cause I be in that back nigga, I ain´t talkin bout fire (Woah)


[Ace Hood]
Ahem, Now let´s all say a prayer, since my swagger such a killer (Amen)
Might just buy a chicken, give her that dick fillet for dinner
Nigga don´t want no problems, pistol prolly get you this figure
Lookin´ at all my diamonds, it ain´t hard to tell the winner
Its Goin´ Down (Its Goin´ Down)
Its Goin´ Down (Its Goin´ Down)
That potato on the barrel no sound
You see them forin, you see we tourin
Me and Meek Milly realest niggas born (Pray)



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