Have mercy

by Ace Hood

Lord forgive ‘em, for they know not what they do
As I walk through that Valley of the Shadow of Death See no pussy…

[Verse 1]
So I guess we finally meet again
Should I kill ‘em? Well, that all depends
Due to success I started losing friends
Nigga sleepin´, only reason he don´t follow trends
Never was a gimmick, the realest in it, come bear witness
And I see them rappers is actors, boy, they so Robin Givens I kept it humble, my stomach grumble, my Rollie tickin´
They did me dirty, I may forgive ‘em, but won´t forget it
And not to mention, they wasn´t worthy of what I´m spittin´
It´s God´s will, and them haters just pray they could prevent it I´m so addicted to gettin´ it, I need intervention
The hottest spittin´, your favorite rapper scared to admit it
Have mercy, let me bow my head I count a million up, that´s deadly bread
Ain´t no more humble in me, shit is dead
Tell them pussy niggas I ain´t never scared
Poor niggas hate to see a nigga win
Say you comin´ for me? Pussy nigga, when?
I been coldhearted since I lost a twin I swear I love it when they hate,
I made a hit again I did this before my niggas, then
Use your bitch whenever like a membership
Never bothered over Twitter beef
We´ll probably never meet up where the money be
Me and Kicko on the woodgrain, yeah, the money seats
Five grand just to see him hit a three Balenciagas on a nigga feet
Death to the competition, may they rest in peace

I know my mama prayin´ for me – I hope your mama prayin´ too
‘Cause me and my niggas gotta eat – we´ll die over these canned foods
Have mercy on a real nigga - ‘cause I´m sinnin´ every day, Lord
Have mercy on a real nigga - ‘cause I´mma ride for my niggas, dog

[Verse 2]
What the fuck these niggas talkin´ ‘bout?
Load the choppers, bring them problems that they talkin´ ‘bout
Roll the reefer, no Khalifa, you gon´ ride or die
No homicide, it´s suicide before I testify
That´s on my daughter, I´m runnin´ Florida, no kinda, sorta
And I hear ‘em talkin´, that money callin´, them out of order
Yeah, nigga – fuck all that talkin´, be ‘bout it, then
A lot of small talk, there they go runnin´ their mouth again
Bold nigga, ‘til they meet them gorillas
Fuck a cavalry, my niggas ain´t got no feelings
Money is the motive, family is the reason
On my mama, ain´t nobody ever came between it
And they never will, streets got me grippin´ steel
These scared niggas need to go to church or either
Dr. Phil I tell ‘em look me in my eyes, we are not the same
Lion-hearted nigga, gunpowder in my veins

Have mercy on ‘em… Bow your head…


[Verse 3]
Pussy niggas still hatin´ hard
Bitch, I just went and bought the boulevard
Bitch, I just went and blew another check
‘Bout my money, catch a bullet tryna intercept
Jumpin´ up out that whip, I let my chain swing
Blood up on my sneakers like I gangbang
Every day´s a struggle tryna maintain
And free my real niggas in the chain gang I hear them broke niggas still talkin´
Watch your words, do be very cautious
You threaten mine, you can pick a coffin
Ain´t no talkin´, tell ‘em shock it once it go to sparkin´
Self-made Rollie and a pair of Js Hood nigga livin´ like I´m Bruce Wayne
New Ferrari kickin´ like it´s Liu Kang Real nigga, ain´t it true? 2 Chainz



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