I need your love (feat. trey songz)

by Ace Hood

Ace, we killin em baby

[Trey Songz:]
I need your love, need your love

[Ace Hood:]
See me at the mall chilling with a lady
So fine, she mine hey baby

[Trey Songz:]
Oh I need your love, need your love

[Ace Hood:]
Just right my type what I like
And that dress fit nice can we kick it tonight?

[Trey Songz:]
Just Tryna get it right for the
End of the night shots to the head
Just to clear my mind baby I´m a sag
Tell me what´s your sign from the
Bottom to the top girl you just my kind
I need your love (ohoh), need your love

[Ace Hood:]
Got my mind so blown bay so what?
Showin up, wait baby hol´ up

Her love shawty know I really need that
Can´t live without it I need rehab
From the pretty lipstick thinking how the waist sits, so thick
Man that ass need a D cal, May weather with the stick at the
Beat down throw it back I´m a snatch ya like a rebound, Buss that
Yeah shawty like a grey hound, what up doe lil mama from the
D town girl I need your love it´s like fresh air kick it with a young
Prince like bel air just as long as you never do a farewell, they steal, but
They´ll never get to touch still, see you bad as hell and they know it
Fresh up outta the shower with that lotion, bend it over you
Might cause a commotion reminiscin how I´m swimming in your ocean
Go ahead lil mama cut the swag up on em with the fly red bottoms, me
And you make sense get them other boys pissed, cause they already got er,
Cause I need that love, swear it´s something like a drug, come fucks with a thug from the bed to the tub


[Ace Hood:]
That´s right shawty welcome to the good life
We can do dinner time if the mood right on the
Water with the stars and the moonlight I
Deserve that love you the wife type
Make sense I´m a boss and you need that
Upgraded, hand bags, baby burkin
Credit cards going hard up in neimans
Like Camron bay I really mean it,
Ha that´s my sense of humour and
See I´m like really Tryna pursue you but
I know your last boyfriend was a loser and I
Ain´t lying I´m just way more cooler Ha, I´m a
Fly young man take ya anywhere wanna I´m the
Guy can hoping for that chance I can give you my time
For your love in advance, and that´s all I demand so
Shawty watcha sayin, money ain´t a thang lil mama
You can trip to the land we ain´t even gotta plan, put
Ya feet in the sand and it´s back to the suite, no sleep in
The bed, straight freak in the sheets I´m a beast with
The D so D, damn


[Ace Hood:]
Girl you killin em hoes (I know it)
Watch ya walk by (wait for it)
Ya that ass looking perfect
Girl look at how you work it
You ain´t even have to pay for it
(I know it) Uh flying in that jeep truck
With the doors off, top off can you take yours?
Off Ha-ha I´m so crazy ain´t that the reason why
You love me baby Girl you killin em hoes (I know it)
Watch ya walk by (wait for it) she already know
That I keep that shit Hunnit, fuck er with my shades
On call me stevie wonder put it so deep she can feel
It in her stomach dick so good I can tell it when she
Run it, eyes rolled back I can tell it when you cuming
Tongue game mean I can tell it when she love me

[Trey Songz:]
Just Tryna get it right for the end of the night
Shots to the head just to clear my mind
Baby I´m a sag, tell me what´s you´re sign
From the bottom to the top, girl you´re just my kind
I need your love, need your love
(I need oh I need)
I need your love, need your love
I need your love, need your love


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