Just a sample (interlude)

by Ace Hood

1 am in the morning,
I only know bass in my headphones no nothing
Just give me the sample,
There we go
I´m talkin bout bitches too,
I love you all baby
Oh we just batter up

Ah, it´s just me and the sample, I wrote this in pajamas
I wrote this while I´m fucking, think her name is Jenna
People sleepin on me, fuck you where your standards?
Oral head for breakfast, my little bitch perfected
Get that with no protection, I shoot, she intercept it
See sex is our connection, no love is currently present
Just play my corner back, I leave her coming back
Like Dion in the game, I´m bringing my quarterback
Grab a condo nigga, I´m worth them 7 figures
So kick o key to pistol and be true with your sister
She says she love the crew, put 4 G´s on the coupe
Hurricane Sandy, the rollie flooded too
See it´s just me and the sample, no 808 survive
But still I hope on the beat and I murder that bitch, I´m beasting dog
Flow as hell on earth, RIP to y´all
You know I murder shit, yellow tape involved
That´s a true story, crib 2 stars,
Know some old homies still drinking 40´s,
Hustlin every morning on that same corner,
Money the root of evil, turning some to informants, damn

Life is such a bitch, all my hoes are thick
All my whips are on, haters suck a dick
Shout out to the sample, shout out to them dancers
Shout out to them exes and this nigga answer
I be hella styling, foreigns with no mileage
Samples on refreshin, pistol in my possesion
Take your bitch and keep er, call that repossesion
I´m a pour more Siroc, be back in a second


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