Let it go

by Ace Hood

[Verse 1:]
Man I met a freak bitch, I call her deep dish
Say she in love with me, I´m thinking sweet lick
This bitch is super fine, I´m talking super thick
I´m talking pussy fat, she want that gutta´ shit
I´m like OK then, I be there in an hour
Just have that ready though, I like it baby powdered
I grab my rubbers and my pistol then I tuck that shit
Call my nigga P2 [?] I got a bad little bitch
Man I had to decide on some late night shit
Told that ho I´m on the way, you taking all this dick, huh
Come to find out some nigga wifin´ that
Say he´s so in love with that pussy cat

Man nigga, let that ho go, let that ho go
Let that ho go, let that ho go
She´s fucking everybody, she´s fucking everybody
She´s fucking everybody, she´s fucking everybody
I fuck her sometimes, my niggas beat it down
Tell you be cuffing that, you out of your mind
Man let that ho go, let that ho go
Let that ho go, man let that ho go

[Verse 2:]
One thing´s for sure you know, a ho gon´ be a ho
Tell me she´s so in love, I know she´s lying though
Say I´m the only one, I got her mind blown
Can never play me though, see I´m just playing along
Think I was born yesterday, you out your rabbit ass mind
I just beat it up and leave it, I am such a cold guy
Niggas wifin´ up these hoes, not me, won´t fly
Heard she´s fucking up a storm, why you eating up the pie
Boy, you dead wrong, never love them, my confession
But you too deep invested, you need to learn a lesson
Let that ho go, you in the red zone
And you be kissing that, what the fuck is you on



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