Lottery (feat. kevin cossom)

by Ace Hood

[Hook: Ace Hood]
Nigga´s hating on me like I just hit the lottery
Getting real money, all them hustler´s say they proud of me
Bitches all on me like I just hit the lottery
Heard you niggas pocket watching, I don´t know probably
Insane money like I just hit the lottery
Fifty grand on me like I just hit the lottery
Twenty bottles on the way, mother fuck a bottle fee
The way I´m blowing money you would think I won the lottery

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Ok now, mother fuck these niggas, mother fuck these bitches
I´m clenching on my nuts, that purp´ smoke in my swisher
Don´t chase nothing with my liquor, hold sixteen in my pistol
I´m getting money they know it, bout thirty grand what I´m holding
This young nigga here balling, you Pee Wee and I´m Spawling
You Jeremy Lin and I´m Jordan, you ice cold and I´m scalding
Got a [?] ghost no rent, that bitch cost me a grip
Like a lot of ass in them hips, and an ass sitting on blam
It look like I won the lottery, shitting on them no apologies
Wipe my ass with your economy, cause I burn money no calories
Same lame niggas keep hating, new money my fragrance
Red bone from Asia, ass sitting bodacious, huh


[Verse 2: Kevin Cossom]
Yeah, got the granite counter tops with the marble floors
Getting money Lionel Richie, no comedores
So what? I fucked your bitch, but what you calling for
Small thing to a giant, call me dinosaur
Them hating niggas making sour, I make lemonade
Buy expensive things, even my linen paid
She bring her freaky friends over, let me penetrate
Pop a pill, fuck them while they rolling then escape
Fuck, but a nigga´s just trying to get paid
Her [?] that´s my taste, half a mill for the crib I´ll stay
Damn a nigga balling like I´m in a league, on some bullshit call me Scotty P


[Verse 3: Ace Hood]
Ok, I´m riding around and I´m getting it, couple grand in my Dickie´s
Pocket full of them hundreds, with a fat bag of that sticky
Got a yellow bitch in them Vicky´s, and she gotta be thinking I´m so picky
If she fucking with me she winning, that pussy good and I´m spending
Got big money I blow it, oh look mama it´s snowing
Them whips they driving is foreign, blew a quarter mill cause it´s boring
Got blood under my sneakers, it´s ten K for my feature
Your bitch in love with my features, If I like your chick I might keep her
It look like I hit the lottery, neck worth about a quarter key
Next trip I´m going over seas, name another nigga hot as me



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