My speakers

by Ace Hood

Ace knocking my speakers [x3]

Ace knocking my speakers [x12]

I´m still spitting that ether
Real shit on your speakers
No top on that Beamer
Diagnosed with Leukemia
I´m that young nigga who don´t pay
Old school on duece treys
Real nigga no fool gaze
Shoot clips like P Swayze
Young boy, he swagged out
Diamonds on me, they stand out
Big money, don´t do drought
Fuck her she don´t use mouth
Ace Hood in your speakers
A lot of ya´ll my sequel
Walk a mile in my sneakers
But a nigga won´t reside in my features
I´ll be okay flyest nigga on your runway
No kids allowed we on that gun play
And sweep put it on my mama
I´m a dog when it come to them commas
You play you lay wit my nigga rose

Ace knocking my speakers [x12]

Okay now money of them bitches
Hopping up out of that new Bentley
Strapped up like Yosemite
Gotta keep that from my enemies
This smoke fool no chimney
That getting money my remedy
You´s a family guy you to giggity
That hating shit it waste energy
Nigga I´m riding round and I´m getting it
That Mossberg in dickies
My jury called me 250
I´mma talk a bitch out her vickies
Boy I can knock my speakers
That stealing flows from their teacher
Ain´t rock around with no skeezer
That´s straight droppin this speaker
I´mma let my nigga rosay teach em
Anybody want problems see me
20 grand won´t do no freebies
I´m rated R and you PG
You sweet homie like kiwi
Your money small lie a tepee
We headline TMZ
Out the bed I´ve been born a G

Ace knocking my speakers [x12]


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