Picture me rollin

by Ace Hood

Gutta understand that boss,
It´s me again,
This time I´m in my flyiest sh*t n***a,
If yee ain´t think I´m going to the top,
Speak to that huh,

Picture me rollin in that new 600,
With the big rims on it, gettin blunted counting money
Antother day in my side, I´m living the star life
Picture me strollin that louis bag and fresh nikes,
And many nights I pray right, that sleep tight
With many vision I´m now living that lime lite
They could´ntpicture me dead and preaching that man christ
Lord watch over the kid and let me say it twice,
As I´m becoming the man walk me through life,
I give a damn about a hater that can die twice,
I put it on my only mom who provide life,
For the youngin promise I´m a see a meal twice,
Picture me rollin in a deep sea ocean,
A yacht keep floatin, imagine me coastin,
I´m on the top with a free?,
Drinking H´s face giving thanks for the potion,
Linen suits, swade shoes and I´m focused,
It´s one motion I´m filled with emotion,
Picture me roll with the best in the business,
Def jam tag just to add to the vision,
I give thanks all praise to the man,
Who in hand given hand, he the best with decisions,
Don´t get it twisted the mind frame gifted,
Show me watu got like it´s hoovers invention,
Picture me rollin I´m in the city vibin,
A dark boys hidin´ my eyes through the violence,
I´m in a whip with´a b*tch from the islands,
That tupac bang as I lead I´m a ride,
Picture me rollin if you can´t just imagine a 22 C just creep on a wagon,
I´m ace hood I´m just trynna live lavish,
Straight from the hood were the blocks be savage,
I here ´em talking, I´m just tryna get cabage,
Trynna put moms in a crib wita passion,
It´s gon happen the mind is the focus,
It´s one motion, I´m filled with emotion,

Pitcure me rollin [x2]
Yeah rollin, str8 the top,
Picture me rollin, Ace Hood
Mr Makalister,
Picture me rollin´
305 You can´t feel my vibe,
You can´t be were I´m at just,..
This what I want you to do!


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