Spoke to my momma

by Ace Hood

Mama can finally smile
Pray for a better life
Just to see me through them tougher nights

Spoke to my mama just the other day
I told her only God can make a way
I´m hearin´ tears, they runnin down her face
say she fed up with the struggle each and every day
my step pops he be in the way, too many bills my mama gotta pay
but know I got us, no doubt about it on granny grave
they tell ´em bout us, my click ain´t coward, you sour made.
and now they sweat me like under armors & gatorade
I pray that one day you see me speak at the VMA´s
and me and Khaled we back to back in the latest things
Throw up the W, we the best is the fucking gang.
Hard work pays off, go and get it, no days off
I know they all remember me you recognize the name
I was that nigga being humble, counted out the game
Now I´m that nigga still humble, carrying the flame
And everybody say I wouldn´t take a walk a shame
Thought about you haters when I got my pinky ring
Live in reality and used to be a great dream
Hustle hard every day getting money five ways
Same ole shit just a different day, out here tryin´ to get it,

I´m out here gettin´ paid
I´m out here gettin´ paid
I´m out here gettin´ paid

Mama can finally smile
Take a look at me now

Young nigga two seater, tatted up, cruising in a wife beater.
Bad bitch top down 24´s see ya skatin´ on the whip now
I´m just living life hope you do the same
Keep a bunch of real niggas so I never change
look at me now, look at me then, went from the Taurus, I´m thinkin Benz.
I´m makin´ ends,
Now I´m thinkin big.
I got with Khaled, all a nigga do is win.
see we the best nothing less
It´s war time hope you niggas brought a vest
got plenty women, give them that penicillin
fuck em on that Gucci..she cumin in minutes
No love intended, I´m just tryin to wet the willy
They free my nigga Joc, he supposed to did a life sentence
I´m from the bottom came from the mud
Was given nothing no love now I´m beast mode, no hugs, back again show nuff
I´m the definition of blowin up
Look in my niggas eyes better know what´s on us
you´d better know what´s on us
‘cause I got it sewn up
‘cause I got it sewn up
‘cause I got it sewn up

Mamma can finally smile
Take a look at me now


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