Tear da roof off

by Ace Hood

Pour up some liquor chasin´ with the juice,
I came to party; what you came to do?
I got them Rose bottles by the bucket,
Grab ya dawg and tell him ‘Fuck it, go all out or nothin´”.
Tear da roof up off this muhfucka,
Tear da roof up off this muhfucka,
Shout out to DJ in this muhfucka,
Bottles in the air, you ballin´ like a muhfuckaaaaaaa,

[Verse 1]
I´m fresh to death and they know this, hoppin´ out of that Beamer,
Fresh up out of that Neiman, Marcus rockin´ the meanest,
Fly shit with my fly bitch, ass phatter than Trina,
Pullin´ up to the club I swear my swagga on a seizure,
Make yo bitch Beat Bop the sneaker, she know where to meet us,
Bitch I´m not a star, don´t carry no V´Gers,
Got them faces in my Levi´s, flyer than your G5´s,
Big money what I rely, you are just a peon,
And I bounce around, I´m in focus,
Rose is all that we pourin´, smoking all of that doja, standin´ on all them sofas,
Tear dat roof up off this muhfucka, man fuck it,
Club buckin´ in this muhfucka, you say you like it, huh?


[Verse 2]
Everybody on liquor, homies rollin´ them swishers,
Everybody takin´ pictures, seen her friends but I like her sister,
Got that ass round and I need it, don´t make me repeat it,
Swaggin´ out of this world, confident, conceited,
Drinkin´ Rose after bottles, riiiiiiiight, and I´m with them models,
Like I´m ‘thicker than a Snicker´ type, that´s what I like,
Tear da roof up off this muhfucka, hey mister DJ, bring it back off in this muhfuckaaaaaaaaa,
Yeah, so fuck who got a problem wit it,
Got me into my zone, I can handle my own, they not in my division,
Gotta pocket full of green, and a Ray Benz black with diamonds yellow, homie,
See ya money too small, sorry, you cannot join this ceremony.



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