Wanna beez

by Ace Hood

[Verse 1:]
Niggas stealing flows, all you niggas hoes
Y´all just biting swag, you pussies exposed
These niggas wanna be me, these niggas want my life
These niggas watch my Twitter, watch everything I write
Probably wanna fuck my hoes, probably wanna count my stacks
Y´all wanna do me dirty, try you die tonight
You don´t wanna meet your maker, you ain´t about that life
We can go to war, just pick a time of night
All my niggas strapped, pills done got them hyped
Riding around with them mac´s, nigga it´s on sight
Bitch nigga watch me ball, do it like Pau Gasol
Rims on the Jeep sit tall, you ride on the niggas you call, OK
My young niggas off the chain, on the gangster shit for real
All them niggas gon´ ride, bet your money they will
Cops stop me I´m quiet, lips on my, they sealed
Nine tucked in my drawers, real niggas don´t squeal

Real niggas in my click, free my niggas one time
Bad bitches on my dick, big money on my mind
Y´all wanna bite my flow, Y´all wanna wipe my swag
Y´all wanna claim some shit, you pussies never had
These niggas wanna be me, these niggas wanna be me
These niggas wanna be me, these niggas wanna be me
Nigga been way to hungry, nigga been way to G
And I put that on my mama, these niggas wanna be me

[Verse 2:]
Niggas be popping their teeth, ride with that mac on the seat
I am a beast, switch up the flow on the beat, red bottoms under my sneaks
Getting they know, swag is original ho, hottest little nigga you know
Brought you dope, know wonder they biting the flow, treat it like all of my hoes
Catch me riding all in that ghost, them pussy niggas gon´ choke
You quick to jump in that water, I hope you niggas can float
These niggas hope I fell, these niggas here so sad
These niggas hate my bitches, y´all niggas know they bad
Giuseppe´s on their feet, y´all better peep her bag
Y´all better watch me ball, oh that´s why you mad?
Click full of niggas who winning, bought my mom a Jag
Neck full of gold pieces, Michael Phelps had



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