We here (dunn dunn)

by Ace Hood

[Talking: ACE HOOD]
I here alot of talking bout these nigga ace hood
Alot of people don´t know who we be but uh talk to em lil homie ACE

Now any nigga won´t to know who I be I be h to the double o d
Keeps it gutta till d-I-e run them blocks with the real ogs
Come in see me if you need that cheap fuck them niggas that run they teeth
Pop that clip then I´m takin your sleep split your brain nigga hold that thought
Can´t stop me cause I´m runnin the south I´m runnin the streets I´m runnin the block
U runnin your mouth u can might my glock pop pop pop yo body no top
Give me yo cash I´m taking yo last u wanna be bad I´m bustin yo ass
Leave a fuck nigga right there in the grass middle finger how we feel
U ain´t heard that we the best and how we runn it I the field
Respect the movement apphiliates in yo ribs bring the piece to yo cribs
Like domino with a deal yea I got me a deal but never seen me a mill so I´m hunting to kill
Letting anything in my field hollerin gettem I gottem I lettem swallow the steel
Let khaled warm the cooler we but them shits on the grill uuuuummmmm yum yum
We at the top of the hill but that logo straight dangling tellem strangers we here
We here nigga we here nigga


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