We outchea (feat. lil wayne)

by Ace Hood

[Intro: Ace Hood]
Real life, Ace Hoooood
We the motherfuckin´ best - HUH!
(Lil bro, ya know I gotcha)

[Chorus: Ace Hood (Lil Wayne)]
I made my way from the bottom, and I´m grindin´
I wake up every morning lookin´ for commas
Bout my dollars; I´m goin´ all out
And that´s on my mama, on my mama (yeeeah)
Cause we outchea (we outchea), we outchea (we outchea)
Ain´t no sleepin´ (ain´t no sleepin´), cause we outchea (cause we outchea)
And we outchea (and we outchea), we outchea (we outchea)
Grindin´ all damn night, cause we outchea

[Ace Hood]
Everyday that I´m wakenin´, I´mma say my prayers (Amen)
I´mma get on my grind off my mama need a new crib (Amen)
And I´mma make that shake, gotta put the food on they plate
Stay focus gotta get money, never gave a fuck what they say
Ain´t no time to sleep, I get guap, ain´t no Jordan´s in the shoe box
Ain´t no roof that came with that drop, chase that paper youngin´ don´t stop
Nigga I was born and raised in that jungle, tryin´ to get my fuckin´ in, that´s struggle
Fuck that nine to five that don´t cut, ain´t no job I guess that´s my luck
Yeah, nigga outchea in safe date, tryin´ to triple what I made today
This one right here is for my real niggas and bad bitches who gettin´ cake
Count it up til your thumbs hurt, put fam second and God first
Hatin´ niggas ain´t phasin´ me; you couldn´t walk a mile in my foot work


[Lil Wayne]
Money over the best pussy
The blind hear me, the deaf lookin´
When opportunity knock
I run out the back door shit I thought it was the cops
Damn, I fuck the bitch with a broom stick
The same broom I didn´t clean my room with
Stay on my toes, no ballet
Shout out my Zoe´s, sak pase
I´m twisted weed in my mansion, I go dumb in alumni Stanford
Remember when moms couldn´t afford Pampers, now she trying to avoid cameras
All I do is count my blessings, Weezy F. for Fortunate
I came up from that bottom, now I´m richer than chocolate
Lil Tunechi


[Ace Hood]
I say another day, another dollar, thank the Lord for my praying mama
Watching back in this cold world cause everybody won´t see tomorrow
Money callin´ and I´m motivated, kill the beat, its pre-meditated
Still remember like yesterday when them hard times had me frustrated
Say any day I´mma go get it, pair of J´s and my Florida fitted
Quittin´ not in my vocab and no hate found in my soul spirit
Young nigga trying to feed the fail, hatin´ on me I don´t give a damn
Out here like what nigga? You don´t get the picutre like Instagram
Hundred dollars to a couple grand, couple grand to a hundred bands
Hundred bands to those big M´s, and my weight up like six gyms
I´m outchea and I mean that; We The Best, where my team at?
Bad vibes I don´t need that, I´da come too far to be lookin´ back


[Outro: Lil Wayne]
Ace Hood, nigga
Fuck these lil bitch ass niggas


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