Drink drank punk

by Anti-Flag

Gulp, gulp, gulp
I want to drink more beer
Until I puke
Drink Drank Punk
I´m so cool
I can drink so much
I can drink more than you
Drink Drank Punk
Met a girl at the bar oh
She was a 10 at 2:00
I gave her four stars oh
I took her home
she spent the night oh
At 10:00 AM she was a FRIGHT
Some old guy bought me some alcohol
We got druck at the mall
Drink Drank Punk
Mom´s gonna get us at the mall oh
In a druken stupor hope I don´t fall oh
I chew on a big wad of gum oh
Mom won´t notice, she´s old and DUMB
Drink Drank Punk


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