Want an anarchy

by Anti-Flag

they call the us a free country
well, it´s not and you know it
it´s nothing but facism, capitalism,
and fear they´re lying and
we´re crying out to everyone here
we can fight back we can fight back t
hey´re got us bowing on our knees
we can stop them
we can fight back
we want anarchy!
we won´t take
no we won´t take we want anarchy!
we will fight back
we will fight back
can´t buy a beer,
can´t buy cigarettes
but i can die fighting for that
freedom that freedom that they´re taken away we can fight back the taxes-every time you buy a beer you fuckin´ pay them you give them all your money while you drink your life away if we are all united we can take back our lives while they stand divided we can fight them and their laws if we get up off our knees we can show them that we are people we can take back this "free" country we can have an anarchy there is freedom for all people they contradict this everyday there are laws against the cubans there are laws against the gays there is freedom of religion we can choose any of them all but the christians rule this country and the priests are above the law


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