No more fun and games

by The Game

3 Minutes my nigga...Ya´ll know what it is..Just Blaze!
No more fun and games

Gangsta Gangsta that´s already evident.
Nigga wit a Attitude, check, check my residence.
Whether I´m Crip or Blood, Homie, that´s irrelivant.
I´m with the D-O-C, there´s nobody better then the west coast felon when he on that lowrider
Bike pedaling, Somebody tell Eazy they still yellin´ it.
I´m with ya homie Doc Dre on the television while these niggas moving peanuts like a elephant.
I´m on cars like spinnin´ rims.
I´m in a class all by myself like the brown Eminem.
Not to down Eminem I fuck black bitches, fuck white bitches, nigga I like bitches.
Them half and half Alicia Keys dyke bitches.
If the head right, I might Air Nike bitches.
Or put ´em on a track like Just Blaze, I look down on hoes and look up to Dre, cause ain´t...

No more fun and games
Gangtsa, Gansta
Thats what they´re yellin
Its not about a salary
Its all about reality

I´m like Dre, Eazy, Cube, King Tia rolled into One.
Used to move birdies ´till I put a hole in one.
Nigga they thought I wasn´t holdin´ a gun, they try to ride up on me like Afeni Shakurs only son.
Dre told me he ain´t doing Detox, this his only run.
Mase coming back and Hovie done.
I´m surrounded by legends, sitting at the round table, I am The Game and still niggas tryna play Dude.
I´m Ruthless, I ain´t talkin´ ´bout the label.
I hook niggas up and I don´t mean free cable.
I mean I hook niggas up to the I.V, the same way Dre hooked me up to Ivine.
I´m from the gutter, grew up in public housing.
On the same block with a shack like Yao Ming.
So if a nigga ever try to Jerry Hellin´ me, tell Dre put up a mill cause that´s what my bail
Will be.

{au Refrain}

I been rapping for 1 year 1 month, 17 days.
13 hours, 28 minutes, then I met Dre.
30 minutes after I bought the new Em, that was November 18, 3:09 P.M.
Around the same time Wanksta got it´s first spin, that was 32 weeks before they signed Rakim.
8 Months, 13 Days, before I knew a Mike Lynn.
And 3 Years after Mase done turned his mic in?
I start writing 22 months and 20 weeks prior to Lebron shaking Adidas for Nikes.
I´m right here, 6 years after Randy Moss caught his first touchdown for the Vikings.
1 day, 7 hours, 14 minutes, 21 seconds before Soundscan got printed.
2 Platinum Records for I´m classified with Biggie.
And 2 seconds before the song finish, yeah.


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